River ice breakup provides a concert

Heavy parkas and coats stayed in the closet for most of last winter, a rather temperate ‘cold’ season. This winter is only a few weeks old now and already the mighty Susquehanna River has frozen over. Indeed, the holidays were jolly only for cold weather lovers.

On Sunday, however, that ended when the ice broke up and ice jams threatened to flood some low-lying river homes or roads.

That doesn’t mean a river freeze won’t happen again this year, considering the near-zero temperatures expected tonight throughout much of the river’s valley. But those Arctic-type temperatures will be short-lived, and we’ll soon be back into more typical weather.

While temperatures in York tonight will bottom out at 11 degrees, Kodiak Island, Alaska, will bask in above-freezing low temperatures of 33 degrees. It seems upside-down.

At Marietta in Lancaster County, small chunks of ice were racing downriver, as well as at Columbia, past the U.S. Route 30 and State Route 462 bridges. Once the ice reached Long Level, it began backing up, crashing and smashing. Huge slabs of ice became ice cubes.

The flood advisory expires Monday morning.