We will NOT see a 10″ snowfall today

Just two days ago, a weather forecast was posted predicting a 4-10″ snow for this weekend. Really. You would wake up Saturday morning and see ten inches of snow just waiting to be shoveled. But don’t panic. Didn’t/won’t happen.

Fortunately–or not, depending on your point of view– the forecast was scrubbed. In the revised prediction, the only water you’ll see this weekend will be from your kitchen or bathroom taps. So, it went from a possibility of 10″ of snow (gasp!) to zero percent chance of precipitation of any kind.

I realize this was a ‘whew’ moment for most folks. We dodged another bullet. Maybe Spring is finally here.

The color of springtime is flowers. The color of Winter is in our imagination. Terri Guillemets

I enjoy winter. Really enjoy it. While most of my friends head south into Florida or Mexico for the cold months, I revel in winter. Drag the heavy coat and snow boots out of the closet, slip into the hunting mittens (with hand warmers, of course) and enjoy! Maybe we can strap skis or skates to the feet.

Now, before anyone thinks I’m branding myself as a ‘tough guy’, let me assure that’s not the case. I just can’t stand dripping gallons of sweat during a hot day. That is, anything over 80f.

snow in door

A reader in Baker Lake sent Nunatsiaq News this photo, at left, of her front door March 29 after her home was pummeled by a snowstorm.

A Facebook friend of mine once told me that if he waited until the weather was nice and comfortable, he’d be stuck inside all winter.  That he lives in Labrador (so far in northern Canada you can’t drive there), might have something to do with it.

We lived through a pretty moderate winter here, and one TV meteorologist said the York area saw 19″ of snow all winter. Not much, eh? In spring, we already have accumulated 18″.

The doctor said I was not allowed to shovel any of that snow all winter. However, I could run my snowblower (Big Boy toy) after January 15 and be thrilled to see blow-able snow on the January 16. But that was just about it.


Canada was my escape to snow country this year. Canadians look at winter differently than we do, naturally. They don’t panic if a sidewalk isn’t cleared, a road isn’t dry. Apparently, they expect you to know that snow and ice is slick. If you fall, it’s your problem, not the insurance company. But if you do fall on your butt, you’ll have an army of people around to help you out, brush you off, offer you a hot beverage. Give you a place to stay until you are healed.

Winter snow is, in my mind, beautiful. Someone said everything looks better with a fresh coat of white paint.  Canadian or Alaskan winter? Don’t think I could get accustomed to the long nights and regular -30f temps.

I was in Alaska one December many years ago. It was the longest couple weeks of my life. Probably one of the quickest onsets of Seasonal Affective Disorder on record.

But our winters? Oooooo. Get out and explore.

snowman in bathtub

A reader in Baker Lake sent Nunatsiaq News this photo when she and her granddaughter decided to shovel the snow into the bathtub and build a snowman, pictured at right. (PHOTO COURTESY OF ULIUT IKSIKTAARYUK)

Photos courtesy of Wayne Broomfield on Facebook.