After years of battle have I ‘won’ my war over the dreaded dandelions?

landscape sun dandelions 1

The photos below were taken following a brief rain after which the sun made a stunningly quick return.  A full rainbow covered the sky, but I was locked on dandelions that had gone to seed still misted by the rain– but NOT in my yard.

It was long, lonely and dirty battle.  The enemy fought bravely, but in the end, I was victorious.

seedling flower vertYes, the war will probably continue through October and into November, but I will remain vigilant, watching closely every move, every emerging counter charge. I dug, I sprayed and I picked. The dandelions that remain are drooping over,  hanging on their last stem.

There will be no dandelions in my yard.

And now that my lawn is free of these dastardly demons, I’m reading that instead of killing them off I should have been nursing them in my very own dandelion garden. It’s the bees, they say. It’s all about the bees. Or not. It’s complicated.

Sometimes, you just can’t win.square drop and collar

The bees are apparently fighting a war against lawns like mine. The bees travel from dandelion to dandelion for nourishment and pollen and return to the hive, and then continue to vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers so we can enjoy that tomato and lettuce sandwich this summer.

fuzzy edgeIt’s certainly more complicated than that, but that’s all my mind can handle.  With pesticides being the bees’ arch enemy, books have been written that plead for us to help our tiny winged friends.

When we do that, they help us. Could it be that simple?

diagonal stem w drop

vert stems 2 drops

drops on stems


One thought on “After years of battle have I ‘won’ my war over the dreaded dandelions?

  1. Oh Bil! When I lived in the city, I had the second best grass in the neighborhood! No weeds, nothing but beautiful green grass! Then I moved out here and I told myself I was going chemically free. Well, it drove me crazy! Those dandelions and clover and violets were hideous and awful and made me look as if I was a bad home owner. I used Roundup and felt guilty! I mean I felt guilty and did it anyway. But I hated myself more than I did the weeds, I think.

    Then I started reading about the bees and cancer! I noticed that I no longer had all the honey bees on my clover. In fact I had no bees! And then they said I had cancer! So, I decided to embrace my beautiful yellow dandelions, and my gorgeous purple violets and my sweet smelling clover! My yard looks terrible, full of those stupid long, spindly stems that don’t cut down, but bend over and then pop back and looks so UGLY!

    But soul is at peace with this choice and I tell myself every morning, “I love those dandelions!”

    Your photos of the dandelions are gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking! Here’s to a healthy yard full of those darn dandelions!


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