Signs along the road

Traveling away from home, sometimes you’ll find some intriguing signs, places or things along the way that might not make National Geographic or your favorite travel magazine. Still, you sometimes wonder about the reasoning of posting the sign, the story behind the display.

Yes, not the earth-shaking headliner, but instead, things that make you ask, “Huh?”

Stay off the four-lane highways– if you can– to discover small-town America’s hidden talents and people.

no lighthouse here

Apparently, this shop owner was tired of explaining to tourists (like us) that the Bass Harbor lighthouse was along a different road.

During a recent jaunt north to Quebec City, we slowly wound through city traffic, tied up because multiple police officers were wrestling with a pig. Really.  An event-capturing photograph was definitely necessary, but there was no place to park.

Missed that one, but caught these.

falling rocks sign with inset

Instead of leaving this wall bare, this rock-guard alongside the highway was decorated with hundreds of birdhouses. Didn’t see any birds or nests, but it was a clever way to beautify the road.


picture perfect

Yep, just plain, ordinary fog on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. Honestly, there was some beautiful scenery below.

for sale old house

Now, this is truly a fixer-upper, or a job for an inspired real estate agent.


fire wood

This photo needs some perspective, like someone standing on top of these 20-30 foot long logs to explain why the sign is funny. It’s going to be one huge campfire.


This moose was decorated outside the Big Moose Country Store in New York (more on that later), apparently to keep it safe from hunters.



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