Fall foliage to spring next week?

It seems that us leaf peepers get itchy and impatient this time of year, waiting and searching for the best fall foliage.

We hear from media this season that the color is brilliant in certain places, but not here. What’s more, it won’t be– temperatures were too warm or too cold. Rain too heavy or light.

“Panic” is an overstatement, but November is just around the corner and color is lagging a bit here.

Even at Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon, officials at Leonard Harrison State Park say the little color they saw has disappeared– even before the leaves fell. “Dull” is how they described it.  Colton Point State Park on the other side of the canyon was the same.

carriage road

A carriage road in Acadia National Park in Maine is quiet, peaceful and colorful.

But, don’t despair. Last year, color reached the peak on the backyard cherry tree about November 10. The dogwood tree lost the last leaf November 15. In most years, that’s pretty typical.

So, there is hope that we’ll roam Nixon County Park and Rocky Ridge Park and Apollo Park and see electric colors, although maybe a lower ‘wattage’.

stream yellow pine needles

We drove north to Maine and Quebec on a recent trip to get a head start on fall foliage discovery and weren’t disappointed.  Well, except that nearly every day was dull and cloudy, which hid some color from the cameras.  “Cloudy bright” is the best time for photos, says Clint Eastwood in the movie “Bridges of Madison County”.

This was just cloudy. But still worth discovering.

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