Santacon is a celebration– of sorts

While the Big Daddy of Santacons– New York City– is over, memories of it remain.

Now, that’s to New York City’s credit, since Santacon has plenty of detractors. Santacon is a pub crawl, that is, costumed Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, Rudolph’s, Father Time and even a Jesus (definitely a minority) patronize certain drinking establishments all day. As you can imagine, it’s great fun for all. Well, for the first few hours.

Didn’t see any street fights, violence between Santas, falling-down drunk Kris Kringles or otherwise inhospitable Mr. or Mrs. Claus.

top 55 south couple poseAfter a few hours, the Santas (generally of college age) might get a bit tipsy or downright obnoxious. Police are everywhere, and even they, for the morning and early afternoon hours, enjoy themselves. Smiles are everywhere, joined by laughter and silly giggles.

Then comes late afternoon and evening, the hours that New York City folks and Christmas shoppers have learned to despise. Santas walking into traffic, leaving pieces and parts of lunch floating on the sidewalk, and generally clogging up NYC’s already busy shopping byways.

From the Santacon websiteCan I bring my kids? Probably not. Kids get the rest of Christmas and all the other holidays. SantaCon is normally adults only.

reflection cuteNYC annually hosts about 10,000 Santas on the second Saturday in December, the sixth busiest shopping day of the NYC season. Adding a crowd of overly happy and sometimes drunk Santas to the millions of holiday shoppers makes for some interesting confrontations.

But don’t think NYC has the lone Santacon. Next year, visit Philadelphia, Baltimore, Harrisburg, or State College for their celebration, or in faraway places like Bermuda, Viet Nam, France, Sweden, Japan and of course, Canada.

In Hoboken, NJ, Saturday things got out of hand in a big way. From Recapping the 16-hour period Sunday morning…  the police department responded to 429 calls for service, up from 282 last year. Also, there were 33 summonses issued this year, compared to 52 last year.

The video above was shot a few years ago, when two Mrs. Clauses starting hair-pulling and pushing on Fifth Avenue. No one was hurt during this drunken argument.


For those York Santa wannabes, there is still time to become Santa or Mrs. Claus for the day, and it’s Friday, December 21 in Elkton, Md., about 90 minutes away. Now, as one can imagine, it’s a tamed-down version of NYC and Hoboken with only one bar mentioned on the Santacon website.

From the Elkton Santacon website– Not only can you dress up in a Christmas character outfit, how about a little shopping along the way. There are several businesses in Elkton where you can pick up those special holiday gifts for that person on your list. The Palette & The Page, Elkton Florist, Art Space on Main, Edwards Men’s Wear, Picture It Framed, Tidewater Tattoo Studios, Brookbend, and the Elkton Arts Council.

This SantaCon event is Free to attend.

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