Longwood Gardens in autumn

fuzzy water lily smallLongwood Garden‘s spectacular Festival of Fountains is finished for this year, but for those interested in color, flowers, or just a walk outdoors there is still plenty to see and do.

The water lily display closed over the weekend as well, but inside the heated, four-acre conservatory, roses, orchids, hibiscus, mums, and bamboo are the kings of the palace.


The Blooms & Bamboo: Chrysanthemum and Ikebana Sogetsu Artistry will be on display until November 17. A 1,500-bloom mum will have flower lovers asking volunteers here the usual questions– How is this plant trained, when did training begin, its age and just how big, exactly, is it? Bamboo is everywhere, including a huge bamboo archway and various floral/bamboo sculptures.

Outdoors, visit the model toy train layout near the Terrace Restaurant, or the Open Air Fountains, a smaller five-minute version of the Festival.2

Longwood’s annual Christmas spectacular begins November 22, complete with lights, musical groups, more fountain shows, and more flowers.

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