Three feet of snow and 97 MPH winds!

bomb cyclone blizzard

Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province, took a direct hit from a bomb cyclone.

In the Canada Maritimes, snow is something Canadians deal with. Not a big deal. Much like heat and sunburn in Florida, if you live there, you expect it. The Newfoundland island, Canada’s easternmost piece of real estate, was hammered with a record blizzard over the weekend.

Friday and Saturday, Newfoundland’s far east coast (and therefore the capital city of St. John’s) was the target of a bomb cyclone. More than 30 inches of snow, combined with winds measured at 97 miles an hour made travel impossible, and clearing snow a weeklong exercise. Remember all the stories your elders told about drifts “up to the second floor! The wind was sooooo bad…”  This time, they were not fairy tales.

Still, the Newfies made the best of it. A comedian commented in the video below that he was afraid he’d miss it. Stories are everywhere about babies being born, first responders having their driveways cleared because of multiple day-long shifts, and entire neighborhoods getting together to do whatever needed to be done.

And of course, comedians like Mark Critch took the opportunity to show the rest of the world how friendly, compassionate and hard-working the Newfies are.

snow on carplows in snowshoveler boxed in

In this video from CNN, a woman admits to leaving her car window open before the storm hit. She paid the price.

lines at grocery store

Stores were closed during the storm and opened to lines of people.

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