Quiet pond is a treasure

The earth has music for those who listen.” George Santayana

In these days of pandemic uncertainty, where travel may not be the best option for long life, a small and quiet pond can solve the problems bouncing around in our heads.

North of Lititz, Lancaster County, is such a farm pond. It takes less than ten minutes to circle this treasure of darting dragonflies, spooked long-legged frogs, red-winged blackbirds, turtles, dinner-plate size lily pads and their pastel pink and electric red lilies. The umbrella above was a dark blue sky dotted with cumulus clouds. A pair of bald eagles floated beneath it.

It’s not Yellowstone or Yosemite National Parks with its crowds, it’s ‘busy-ness’ and car exhausts. Some days, it’s better than that.

One recent afternoon, when news broke that virus cases were not falling, but instead spiking, a few hours were spent at the horse farm pond. Most of the time was spent in one spot, listening to birds, ducking bugs, and searching for one place that the two dozen Canada geese haven’t been.

The spot was found, and three hours– three beautiful hours– later our head was cleared. That’s not to say that 20 minutes from then the latest news didn’t stir up thoughts of impatience, boredom and anger.

Wandering back to the van, it seemed almost silly that I was alone in my exploration. Here I am, sitting on the shaded green grass, listening to the blackbirds singing to one another, the frogs croaking their afternoon news and watching the dragonflies dance like airborne ballerinas.

It seemed unfair. All this peace, all this solitude and beauty– for free.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Quiet pond is a treasure

  1. it is a shame that more people don’t take the time to just listen and watch! Mother Nature can really make one’s day. K&L


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